The most eagerly awaited IPO …Facebook, of course!

I am a very infrequent visitor to Facebook.. something about sharing my whole life on the net is a bit scary. But then, as an Indian in mid-30s, I am probably not the ‘right’ kind of audience anyway. I don’t really like to post updates on what my dog is doing hour on hour, I rarely like to ‘Like’ what someone else’s dog is doing and I am absolutely petrified about posting my birthday photos for all the word to see (largely because I would not like my honest to goodness cousins to see me drunk).

I am, however, in unquestionable-jaw dropping awe of the fact that there are over $850 MILLION people who do just that on Facebook. As someone from Mumbai, I am not easily impressed by large numbers.. but this… is amazing!!

So finally after months of ‘Will he’ ‘Won’t he’, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to finally take the plunge and Facebook filed for an IPO.

Last year, Facebook had a revenue of $3.7 billion, profit of $1 billion and 845 million Active users (not sure how they define active though). And some analysts expect the IPO to value Facebook at $100 billion!! And the IPO is also expected to make over a 1000 people millionaires!!

Bet that by this time, all you non-finance creative types are wondering what the heck is a IPO and why is it a big go on and click on the below link:

Basics of Facebook IPO

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