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I admit .. NOBODY and I mean nobody, is better than Apple at building anticipation about their products. I am an iPhone and iPad user myself but I mean come on… an actual site dedicated to rumors about iDevices ???  And this site is not owned by Apple….so there is someone out there who actually tracks rumors!!!

For the past few months, the blogosphere has been buzzing with rumors about the new iPhone, the new iPad, the new iTV – all of whom will revolutionize the way our world works!! An Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, even spent time creating a mock up of the expected iPhone 5 – the mock is superb by the way.

I think the secret is to be too secretive (pun intended). Take the rare times when Apple makes an prototype of one of it’s products available to a select group of  people.  The handover probably resembles handing over of the nuclear key when a new president is takes office. The apple team visits the office, probably disguising themselves as Microsoft employees or something, and then physically secures the device to a specific table in an agreed upon room. Only a few people in the recipient’s company even know that their office are hosting the yet-to-launched iDevice. Sometime even the CEO might not know. Apart from signing iron clad non disclosure agreements, the Apple team then photographs the grain of the table on which the device is secured!!! This way if photos leaked, then they can compare it with the photographs to pin point the source.

Talk about paranoia!!

Anyway, all rumors, at least for the next few months, should be laid to rest on March 7. Apple has sent invites to their even on March 7 with the tag line

“We have something you really have to see. And touch”

Gazelle, a gadget recycling company, reports that after the March 7 announcement, they saw a 400% increase in people looking to sell their existing iPads.. for some people only the latest will do!

Details here

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