A shirt Made for Mumbai…

I read about this really cool piece of engineering recently.. the only difference was that this engineering was for a shirt!!! If you like in Mumbai, chances are that you are very familiar with this bodily function called ‘Sweating’. It happens to all of us and if you take the train to work (in Mumbai), you probably have spare shirt in your desk drawer.

Fear not, a 2010 start up called Ministry of Supply has the solution – A shirt that uses a proprietary blend of fibers that use ‘Phase Change Materials’ that controls your body temperature by absorbing heat from the body and stores it in the shirt. Once you are back in cooler environs, like your chilly office air conditioner, it moves the stored heat back to your body!!!!! Amazing, right? Oh and it also adapts to your body movements keeping it wrinkle free and tucked in! Don’t expect them to stay tucked in if you travel from Borivili to Churchgate though – there is only so much engineering can achieve.


I do agree with TechCrunch when they call it a Magic Shirt though – maybe the company should be called Ministry of Magic (Harry Potter anyone?).

Currently, Ministry of Supply is trying to raise money on Kickstarter, the new mecca of seed money. They are looking to raise a maximum of $300,000 and have so far raised $145,000 with 10 more days of raising money to go. Currently, they do all design and manufacturing in the US and the shirt with retail for $130. But we are Indians, we can wait till they start making them in China.

Good luck Ministry of Supply – you have an eager market of hundreds of millions in one of the hottest countries in the world waiting for you!!

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