Unfair reviews for the Surface?

Windows 8 formally launches today and the Surface tablet has been available for a few weeks today and I am sincerely and truly shocked by the negative reviews in the US blogosphere! It did not feel like they were reviewing a tablet built by one of the biggest and innovative (yes Microsoft is innovative) companies in the world but maybe something built by a third rate rip off manufacturer in China.

I have always been amazed by the cache that Steve Jobs generated for Apple – who doesn’t love second chances and who does not root for the underdog!!! At some of the Apple events, Steve Jobs used to be greeted by ecstasy that is usually reserved by teenage girls for Justin Bieber. And like I mentioned in my earlier post, Microsoft was the big bad bully in the neighborhood. Now believe me, I love Apple devices and own all of them – iPod, iPhone and iPad but come on… how bad can a Microsoft  product be? After all, this is the company that bought computers into homes. And can we imagine life without Outlook, Excel, and Word?

My wife just pointed out to me that after with my last post I am risking looking like one of those hysterical Apple Hatersso I am going to end this post. Still, I can’t resist copying some blog reviews and my comments (italics andred) on those reviews here:

The Verge:

“It’s also not very useful on your lap — unless you like to struggle.” – which tablet exactly is useful on your lap – what exactly were you trying to do?

“It’s not really that comfortable to hold in landscape for extended periods, and in portrait it’s laughably tall.” – Again, which one is? I can’t hold my iPad in landscape or portrait mode for extended periods of time. I have never seen anyone trying to hold up a tablet, in any mode, for extended periods of time.

“I actively avoided using the mail app if at all possible.” – Hmmm, why? Outlook not good enough?”

“Nearly every app I tried crashed completely at least once while I was testing the tablet, third and first-party.” – Really??? EVERY app?

” This product is supposed to represent the future of Windows and Microsoft, so why did I feel so frustrated so often while using it?” – no idea, are you sure it was the tablet?

“The whole thing is honestly perplexing. If this device is not as good as (or better than) the best tablet, and not a complete alternative to a laptop — who is this for? What is it supposed to be?” – Have you thought about the Surface being an alternative to existing tablets (read: iPad). Maybe something that combines the  familiarity of Office applications with better pricing and the option of using it like a tablet OR a PC?

There is some good stuff in the blog -read below and you will understand why I was so confused with the above statements!

“The actual interface — the tiled environment — is a joy to use. It’s really, really cool. I found myself legitimately delighted by some of its functionality, particularly its multitasking and side-by-side apps concept.”

From Gizmodo:

“After the initial delight of an evolved tablet wears off, you’ll groan—because Surface brings the appearance of unity, but it’s really just the worst of both worlds.” – really, I have no words!!!

“The Touch Cover is a letdown.” – because its not a magnetic cover? I think the touch cover is the best part – I can finally have a tablet that I can use to Compose documents – not just read them!

And from the Grandaddy,The New York Times:

“Would you take a job that pays $1 million a year — cutting football fields with toenail clippers? That’s the sort of choice Microsoft is asking you to make with the spectacularly designed, wildly controversial Surface tablet.” – Controversial? It was just released! Cutting football fields with toenail clippers – I don’t even know what that means.

Again, I am really not either anti-Apple or Pro-Microsoft but come on guys.. give MS a chance before burying it.

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