Kailashpur and Maheshpur – A tale of two villages

I am sure you must have read today morning about Congress government’s attempt to move to cash transfer instead of indirect subsidy. Adahar cards are supposed to facilitate this move – if ever the powerful middlemen lobby allows the card to be used of course! Now I am pretty much apolitical – but cash transfers do seem to make sense in a country that is systemically corrupt and poor!

Apparently, in Uttar Pradesh, 60% of shopkeepers selling subsidized food report stocks as ‘missing’ or ‘stolen’ – yeah, right!

This article is about people in two villages -one in UP and the other in Chhattisgargh and their very different experiences of the Public Distribution System (PDS). No prizes for guessing which village has a better experience.

Economist.com Development in India: A tale of two villages


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