Make millions playing games…no, really!

was recently sent an invite on Facebook by one of my younger cousins.To avoid thinking of excuses at the next family meet – I just accepted. I wasn’t too keen on letting a 18 year old know what I am up to (which is usually nothing interesting but still…).

When I saw my cousin’s posts, I was amazed at amount of personal information and updates she was willing to share with everyone! Then I realized that her generation is probably comfortable with sharing this much. Of course, I don’t need to see her cuddling with her boyfriend but…well, she doesn’t mind me seeing her do that! Since I am ancient in Digital terms (35+ in case you are wondering), I have now come to terms with this very pronounced generation gap with my cousin.

Just as I wrote off this generation as typical addicts to the usual facebook-twitter-video-games, I read this article on The Atlantic about this kid who makes between $140,000 and $1.4 million per month playing video games live on YouTube… well, it’s not that he is earning money doing it, it’s the amount!!

I think he is one of few lucky people who can truly say that they love what they do and meant it. His YouTube name is PewDiePie and he has over 25 million followers. And all he does is play games while providing commentary.

I must admit am a litle jealous. So much for my dream of earning millions while…ahem…surfing the web. Amazing. Apparently this guys is not alone – this is fast becoming a legitimate profession. Read more on that here.

All ye 18-year-old game nerds, pay heed – maybe there is a way to play games and make a few bucks while you’re at it (may be get your dad off your back about doing something “worthwhile”)!

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