A circuit under your skin

I realize, as I am sure you all do, that we are in middle of a paradigm shift in terms of mobile technology and usage. I am at a point where given a choice between losing my laptop and losing my iPad – I would choose losing the laptop (and here I mean get stolen not giving up – I need both). The newest phones and tablets come with as much processing power as a laptop bought as recently as 2012!

We have everything from Google Glass to Project Ara to gesture recognition (notice how all really ground breaking innovation is from Google?) but all of it still requires some hardware. However, this development is mind-boggling… it is… wait for it….circuits with Bluetooth, wifi, accelerometer, and what not …. embedded into your skin!!!

Imagine the implications! Forget your Nike Fuel Bands and Jawbone trackers – health data can be transmitted right from your organs. As a future cardiac patient this is very heartening… now hold on for a sec while I get a smoke (just kidding).

And it’s not just health applications, this can be used as a security device for kids, reminders, and of course this has huge implications on privacy (we are bound to lose that anyway). What if your employer wants you wear a tracking chip – great for aid workers in Nigeria but very bad for you, right? You can’t sneak off to meet your girlfriend (or boyfriend) in middle of the day.

And all of this will be available cheap!

Before you get too excited, this won’t be available for a couple of years but it is on its way!

Read more here if you are excited or scared.

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