Look, there’s bluetooth in your shoe

Very recently I was in a moaning session about how inflation was consuming all our salaries, how we were unable to recruit good JavaScript developers and how we don’t have any good Indian start-ups building exciting tech-products to command a sexy web presence.

I was telling the unfortunate moanee (I was the moaner in case you wondered) that we won’t have great JS developers till commodity software giants such as TCS start taking up more outsourced work in web technologies. I believe they are totally the reason why we have multitude of .NET and Java developers flooding the market today.

Will we also always be the followers in consumer tech-products?

Fortunately, no. Or so it looks like. I recently stumbled across a start-up based out of Secunderabad (not Bangalore!) that is building a Bluetooth enabled sports shoes. AND insoles!

Finally a ‘product’ company from India – and a wearable technology product no less.

The sports shoe brand is aptly called ‘Lechal’. The idea is simple. When jogging, the shoe vibrates telling you which way to go, so you don’t have to look at a map in your smartphone. It can also track your steps and measure burned calories.

In future, your shoes could also notify you to bring milk while on the way back, blow a safety whistle in case you are in danger, share and play songs on bluetooth headset…the possibilities seem promising.

I genuinely hope the product Lechal brings out lives up to expectations and sets the bar higher for Indian tech-based product companies.

Check it out here

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