Graphic Novella: Big Data and Privacy

We all know that Google, Facebook, Apple et al track our searches, location, email, what have you. I also recently wrote about how fingerprinting is the next stage in tracking everything there is to know about us. However, one of questions I got asked frequently was – ‘So what? So when I book an airline ticket, I see ads for holiday resorts – that’s good, right? After all I get ads which relevant to me.’

Without sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist – I actually never had a great answer to this question. It was always hard to articulate why I was worried about ‘data’ and how it could be used. Well, now I can… courtesy of Al Jazeera (yes, Al Jazeera).

They recently published an excellent graphic novel that talks about data collection and its implications- both good and bad. I liked that they used a ‘comic’ format – makes it a much easier and engaging read.

It’s called Terms of Service: Understanding our role in world of big data. This graphic novella is part of an excellent series called Living with Data.

Read it and be scared!


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