6 battery myths busted!

A recent excellent post from Android Authority about battery myths was enlightening -because I believed in 3 of them. I bet most of us will believe in all or most of these – but they are all myths

  1. Plugging in your charger into phone all night long damages the phone: not true. Many years back, batteries did over heat and get damaged. But advances in battery science (is there such a thing?) means that batteries are much better at managing ‘overcharging’. As per Android Authority, the only slight risk is if you use a battery case which does not allow heat from charging dissipate appropriately. So ideally, remove the case or buy one which does not trap heat.
  2. Completely discharge your battery before recharging: Nopes, not needed. Again, older nickel batteries would not remember what their full charge level was – so it was important to discharge them completely before re-charging. No longer required with new lithium ion batteries.
  3. Always use ‘official’ chargers: Just a marketing ploy to increase revenues. You can use any charger as long as it has the right ports.
  4. Don’t use your phone while charging: Given the number of people I see who are holding their phones in one hand and a portable charger in another – I don’t think a lot of people believe this. Nevertheless, it’s not true – use away!
  5. Kill apps running in background: I think this is the most believed myth. The biggest battery drainer is your screen – so set it to dim in a minute or so and you will be fine. Apple recently confirmed this on twitter. As a matter of fact, if you spend time closing apps and then relaunching them, it drains your battery more than simply letting them run in background.
  6. Disabling Bluetooth and Wifi will save battery: I wouldn’t call this a complete myth – Android Authority confirms that while this does save battery, its not a lot – 30 min a day at most.

So quit worrying about battery life, just switch off the display when not using the phone!

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