Defcon: How to overthrow a government

This has got to be the most unusual presentation I have ever read or even heard of. At a recent defcon, Chris Rock a security researcher made a presentation on How to Overthrow a Government (yes, you read that right). He actually took an example of Kuwait and then presented how one can use a combination of hacking skills and mercenaries to overthrow the monarchy. Of course, he has the hacking chops but to get the other stuff, he roped in Simon Mann – a mercenary who was involved in the failed coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea.

Of course, his presentation is a theoretical exercise but has roots in one of his jobs where he was hired to review IT security by the Kuwaiti government. In an interview with Gizmodo, he claims that over 2 years he had hacked or could control Banks, Oil&Gas, Telecom companies and so on in Kuwait. They have now patched those vulnerabilities.

Curious yet? Then download and read this presentation. It’s disconcerting to say the least. Doesn’t have speaker notes of course (and before you search – its not on YouTube either) but an interesting read nevertheless.

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