Story of how Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was hacked

We have all read recent hacking headlines- everything from internal emails from Sony being dumped to Hillary Clinton’s emails that were leaked online – but this hack is really interesting and dangerous. Why? Because when emails are dumped or when ATM pins are compromised, you know what the hackers’ intentions are – to embarrass a politician or business (Sony and Hillary Clinton) or simply to steal your money (ATM pins). If you think about it – that’s actually good because if you know the end game – because then you know where to look and, you can, possibly, limit the damage. But what happens if there is hack where millions of records, passwords, bio-metric data is siphoned off and then… nothing happens. That’s way more scarier because you can’t be sure how this is going to be used or when.

This was the OPM hack. Wired did a great piece on this hack – read it here and be scared. I wonder how well our PPF / EPF or Adhar databases are protected.

Another very interesting read on this subject is Worm: The First Digital World War by Mark Bowden. If the wire piece is interesting, you will love this book.

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