Heard of Clean Meat yet?

Have you heard of ‘Clean Meat’ yet?

No, it’s not meat that’s cleaned – it’s artificially grown meat. And no again, it’s not like soya which is supposed to replace meat (yuck!). It’s meat that is grown in a lab – but from living tissues grown from cells.

Uma Valeti, a cardiologist from Vijayawada has a start up near Silicon Valley (where else) that is way ahead of anybody else in making this reality – by 2020. Before you suddenly turn into a meat connoisseur and turn up your nose (or wrinkle it) , know that this start up, called Memphis Meats, is backed by Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Jack Welch. I am a believer in assessing potential by proxy – so if these guys think it’s worth backing, then there there must be something there.

And course, if it works, it would be very valuable in preserving ecosystems around the world (think over fishing, whale hunting, etc.) Check out their website here if it sounds intriguing.

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