Processing Satellite Data as a Service by AWS

Is there anything that Amazon won’t make available as a service? At AWS’ annual Re:Invent conference, AWS had a bunch of announcements like making their machine learning training available for free, making Amazon Forecast (a ML forecast and prediction model) available as a service, launching their own blockchain database and so on.

This one I think stands out though – it’s a service that let’s satellite owners rent time on Amazon managed ground stations. Satellite owners (especially smaller ones) currently either have to sign fixed contracts with ground station owners OR build their own ground stations ($1 million for each). I looked it up and ISRO has these contracts with ground stations in Norway, Indonesia, Vietnam, Micronesia and a few others.

Does this sound familiar? Sounds a lot like expensive servers in the pre-cloud era! Now these owners can simply rent time on Amazon ground stations – on a pay-as-you-go basis!

Check this link out if it sounds intriguing.

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