Guide to Web3, NFTs, DAOs

Earlier this November, I was fascinated by what was going on with ConstitutionDAO. Given the title of this post, you probably don’t know what that is – ConstitutionDAO was (is) a group of 17,000 (!) people who organized themselves over discord, twitter, and email and pooled something like $41 million to buy a rare copy of the US Constitution! They lost, but the winning bid was $43.2 million – so they were pretty close.

The part that was fascinating to me was that a group of people who didn’t know each other came together in a few weeks, coded and set up a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on Ethereum, and raised $41 million!!!! I always sort of had a feeling that web3, NFTs, metaverses, blockchain are all going to be transformative – but ConstitutionDAO was like someone came along and articulated an abstract concept.

Oh and btw – the title image in this post is an NFT that sold for over $7 million!

Like I said, until recently I only had a vague idea of what all of these things meant. I did really like the hour and half long Metaverse vision presented by Mark Zuckerberg. So then finally a few weeks ago, I decided to start my journey down the rabbit hole and learn more. After working my way through dozens of articles, videos, blogs, etc – I found some excellent resources and I thought I should share these. So check these out if you want a ‘slightly deeper than superficial’ understanding of web3, metaverses, NFTs, DAO’s, etc. Read these in the order I have listed them:

  1. The value chain of metaverse : Start here! A truly excellent post by Packy McCormick. It starts from basics and dives into the history and evolution of web3 and NFTs. If you are short of time or are feeling a little lazy – you can only read this one!

For more:

  1. A beginners guide to DAOs by Linda Xie
  2. The DAO of DAO’s
  3. Let’s buy the US constitution
  4. All about Ethereum
  5. OdysseyDAO: This is an interesting one – it’s a DAO set up for learning about DAOs (among other things). Just pick any or all of the learning paths on this one.


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